Monday, 13 August 2012

Enjoyanimation projects update August!

  • The Peace Palace mini-series was presented at the official opening at the Peace Palace Visitors Centre 30 May 2012.
  •  Character animations for projections at a Dutch Farm Het Gagelgat in Soest. Official opening 23 juni 2012.
  •  Illumation Wateruitstapjes ANWB iKampioen (editie 6).

The Peace Palace films have been selected for competition, by Anima Mundi in Brazil and SICAF2012 in South Korea.

Just finished: 
  • Two Brain Myth explainimations, coming online soon! (see preview above) 
  • A swinging new painting. Painting Dancing Tree.
  • A cool animation test for a pitch, sorry, cant show it yet. 
  • A great week at the Annecy Animation Festival, including the premiere of Hisko Hulsing's “Junkyeard”. A short in which I've helped as an animation assistant. 
Work in progress and upcoming: 
  • Concept design and teaser for a very cute children's series. 
  • New explainimations. 
  • Character designs and animation for a couple of animations combined with live-action footage. 
And lots more …

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